Should You Be Worried About What’s in E-Liquid?

The FDA is cautious about electronic cigarettes, claiming that there’s not enough information yet to say whether or not they are safe for use. The main concern is that the e-liquid used in electronic cigarettes can be made
with chemicals or compounds that are also dangerous. Do you use electronic cigarettes that contain cartridges that you simply replace when empty, or do you refill with e-liquid? There have been a couple of cases where electronic
cigarette vapor has been found to contain compounds that were not advertised on the packaging, and that could have potentially harmful effects in the long term. So what’s in your e-liquid

 The Companies That Have Been Forced to Close

 If you’re worried that you’re buying electronic cigarettes that contain harmful chemicals, remember that the perpetrators in known cases have been forced to shut down. This has provided both safety for consumers and
discouragement for people who might try to do the same thing. It’s not necessary for electronic cigarettes to contain any harmful chemicals, so hopefully there will be fewer and fewer companies trying to sell bad products.
The more important thing to do is figure out what is in the e-liquid you buy and whether or not the production process is transparent.

 Is Buying E-Liquid Separately Safer?

 The options you have for electronic cigarettes seem endless, but there are two options when it comes to how you use e-liquid. Either you purchase e-liquid and refill your own e-cigarette, or you purchase a system that allows you to buy replaceable cartridges. While either option will be cheaper than buying tobacco cigarettes, it is cheaper to buy a completely reusable electronic cigarette and then only buy e-liquid for refills. It does take a bit more work, but it also offers one extra layer of safety.

 If you are buying e-liquid separately, you will learn a lot more about that product than you’ll learn about the cartridges. You also have the option of switching from one e-liquid to another if you decide you don’t like the one you’ve got. Cartridges you have to continue to buy from the same company, or you’ll have to invest in a whole new ecigarette system.

 When you buy e-liquid, make sure that ingredients are listed. You don’t need more than propylene glycol, food flavorings, nicotine, and water, all ingredients that are safe.